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Virtual Reality Box

€ 26.50

Product Features
VR Glasses, 263g only that 20% lighter than other similar products, and the ergonomic balanced design reduce 30% pressure on eyes, that enable you to enjoy 3D experience comfortably without fatigue.
The VR Box is equipped with anti-distortion aspheric lens that offer you a much clearer and larger angle viewing. It also Support more than 600 degree shortsighted users watch with glasses.
Focal distance and Pupil distance of the VR Headset are easy to adjust by moving button to fit for different users request.
Virtual Reality Glasses are designed with charging and earphone port at on either sides, for user convenience and also has an excellent heat dissipation function.
Product is compatible with Android phones, Windows phones with a screen size of 4.0-6.5 inch (Such as iPhone5/5s/SE,iPhone 6/6s,iPhone 6/6s Plus,Samsung Galaxy S6/S7/S7 Edge/Note3/Note4/Note, etc.) comfortably fit the VR Glasses.

Product Description

Technical Details

These 263g new generation 3D VR glasses are equipped with anti-distortion aspheric lens and offer you a larger viewing angle.
Rotate the two lens deasil to adjust the focus till the screen is clear. Move the adjust button to adjust pupil distantce till double image disappears. Pupil distance is suitable for people of all ages. Support above 600+ degree shortsighted users watch with glasses.
The VR box, come with the T shaped head belt which can be adjusted based on user head size. The goggles are made of reasonably good quality plastic material. It is comfortable to wear. The device is compatible with 4.0-6.5 inches mobile phones with the size up to: 175*90mm; Works well in iOS, Android, Microsoft operating systems and etc. This product suits watching 3D movies on mobile phone devices


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