Tokatron R8 Self Balanced wheel

€ 745.00

Product Specification

  • Battery size: 680Wh OR 850Wh (Sony)
  • Color available: Carbon ,Black,white
  • Size: 18’’(18 inch)
  • Motor: 1000W
  • Range:65-90km
  • Max speed: 28-40km/h
  • Net Weight: 17.5kg/18.5kg
  • CE certified

Note: Due to the high speed, it is advisable to apply for personal insurance and number plate in order to comply with most country road regulations. Not recommended for beginners or children below 13 years of age. Must be used with full personal protective wear.

Product Description

Tokatron R8 is the daddy of all self balanced wheels. At Tokatron are proud to bring you this top of the range product that would best suit very experienced riders and anyone looking for an advance machine that could be used off-road or for extremely long distances. With it’s 18″ tyre size, you will find the ride is smoother and stabler when hitting bumping surfaces. Also with 18.5kg net weight, it really helps in the stability of the ride. It is also possible to order very unique colours such as Gold finishing, or alternatively a custom design that you’d like to have on the outer casing… nothing is impossible in our eyes. With a very large size motor, you won’t be disappointed when it comes to performance and not to mention the large battery size, would take you for miles on end without having to charge the unit frequently with hours on end.

The ultimate marathon cruiser since segway!


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