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Smart NFC Ring

€ 25.99

Carrier frequency: 13.5MHZ
Wireless Distance: 1.5CM
Dimensions: Diameter 22mm, L 69.1mm
Weight 15grams


Product Description

Featuring the perfect combination of fashion and technology, allows users to upload personal information using a mobile app that can store information such as one’s name, phone number and email etc. An upcoming software revision will enable the ring to be used to unlock mobile apps. Can be used to communicate with other NFC enabled devices so that you can unlock your Smartphone, share information such as contact details, website links, pictures, etc Can transmit information between the ring and the phone via the latest NFC technology, providing personal social information storage and exchange functions General Specs Brand & Model GalaRing G1 Material Titanium steel, leather and electronic components Compatibility Inner Diameter Samsung, Sony, HTC and the mobile phones with NFC function 2.2 cm


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