Oliver Pro Self Balanced wheel

€ 699.00

Product Description

Olivia Pro is the first of our luxury line of self balanced wheels. It’s designers and technical experts have really put an effort on the luxury console and touch screen interface and not to mention the very unique front and read lights for night riding, with the pull up luggage handle style. This range comes in 3 models, the V3, V 3 Pro and the V3S. Obviously with the V3 model being the very basic model with just the front light, the V3 Pro comes with both front and rear and the V3S has a much stronger battery.

  • Max Cruising speed 18kmph (11.2mph)
  • Range 35-40kmh (21.7-24.9mph)
  • Max climbing angle 18 degrees
  • Net weight 13.8kgs
  • Max Payload 120kgs
  • Whole Product Size 420*515*178 mm
  • Battery 72V 2Ah Lithium Batter
  • Charge Requirement AC220V 50-60Hz
  • Charge Time Approx., 1.5 Hours
  • Tyre 14” inflatable
  • Tyre Pressure 3.0 Bar
  • Suitable Riding Temperature -10 to 40 Degrees
  • Waterproof Level IP55


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