David Q7 Series Self Balanced Unicycle

€ 399.00

  • Model: MCM 170Wh/260Wh/340Wh/520Wh/680Wh
  • Color available :Carbon ,Black,white,red
  • Size:14’’ (14 inch)
  • Motor:500W specially-designed disc motor
  • Battery :Sony 18650
  • Range:15-70km*
  • Max speed: 8 (based on test by a 70kg person)
  • Weight:10.1/10.8/18.9kg
  • CE certified

*  The higher the MCM “Watts” the longer the range

Product Description

David Q7 Series is for the hardcore rider who is looking for something stronger and better in performance with powerful battery output. Another premium model that holds out it’s value and not to mention it’s manufactures take pride in it’s design and technical aspects. This model is one of the very few models that is assembled and tested in Germany by our Engineering team, so you can be rest assured when purchased it off our shelves, this is no ordinary unicycle.


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