Health, Safety, Environment and Quality

At Tokatron our Health, Safety Environment and Quality are factors that we take very seriously, in our line of business. These elements keep us in line with the current regulations and legislations. Our team are aware of how important it is to deliver safe products and services that meet, client requirements. Each work scope is unique and different for us and is treated with great respect and welcomed with lots of enthusiasm and professionalism. Why? because we want our customers to tell the world and potential clients of how good their experience was, and most importantly, to keep returning for more.

We also work in line with the Six Sigma philosophy or LEAN as some of you may be familiar with. This is the nemesis of Quality it’s importance is significant us our customers. We frequently benchmark ourselves against our competitors and we realised earlier on in the process, the gaps that existed in our systems and processes so by applying change management & deploying new quality skill sets, we were able to minimise and eventually close these gaps and become a better company then ever before. Our success is owed to each and every member of our team. Their attention to detail and willing to become the best in today’s forever changing markets, has given Tokatron the edge in today’s innovative technology and modern day project delivery.

Our policies are our commitment to our customers and the environment.

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