About Us

We are a tech savvy company that pride ourselves in providing our customers with the latest & excitingly high tech products, gadgets and technical services.

We believe the future is here to stay and we live in interesting times where the evolution of technology is forever changing for the better of mankind.
That’s why we thrive on innovation through technology and ideas, particularly those that are harnessed from our younger generations. Our vision is to support the global move towards green energy. Two significant examples of our products are, our range of E bikes and Gyroscopic transportation units, that already provides efficient and clean energy that is pure environmentally friendly. The other is our new innovative smartphone and tablet charging cables that are designed to charge both Apple and Android devices. This idea alone already mitigates the need to produce less cables, preventing unwanted cables that contributes to landfills of waste and increased pollution on our planet.

We think of our customers as friends and family, and we work extra hard to bring you the tailored service that you deserve.

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